Court Services

The purpose of the OSCA Court Services Unit is to provide research and evaluation support services to all components of the Florida State Courts System, including technical assistance and monitoring of court programs; research; data analysis; and staff support of court committees that effectuate policy for critical due process activities of the Judicial Branch.


Court Interpreter Certification and Regulation Program

General Policy and Operations

Data Administration

  • Maintain the trial court research data systems for OSCA such as the Summary Reporting System, Criminal Transaction System, and Uniform Traffic Citation System to include system design, system/software enhancements, security and control procedures;
  • Provide data management methodology and support including metadata management, data warehouse development, data quality, reporting and analysis, and data mining;
  • Development of data collection methodologies for short-term or special-purpose data collection projects;
  • Evaluation and integration of existing data from other agencies;
  • Infrastructure support of Court Services research units including general application design and development, hardware upkeep and repair, specialty software maintenance, support and upgrade; and
  • General data services including data requests, legislative analysis and support, and data collection consultation.

Statistics, Research, and Evaluation

  • Provide statistical and methodological support on State Courts System surveys, evaluations, samples, and formulas;
  • Timely and accurate accounting of judicial branch statistics;
  • Data analysis for the trial and appellate courts, including statistical analysis, forecasting survey design and analysis, and performance and accountability measurement analysis;
  • Workload measurement analysis for judicial certification of judgeships and the development of funding formulas for various court support resources; and
  • Administer the impanelment of the statewide grand jury.

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Last Modified: April 06, 2023